Protecting people is our life's work.

Protecting people and helping them when bad things happen is our life’s work.
That’s why we love insurance.

Because of this, we invest in remarkable founders and their ideas with the dream that our help can power substantial work and continually inspire more ideas to prevent hurt and loss.

We are people of action seeking meaningful partnerships to achieve this significance.

We are innovative insurance historians.

Insurance has evolved for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and most definitely always will. Our deep digital insurance expertise, robust industry connections, and proven success in identifying leading insurtech startups put us in a unique position to help founders win. We are adept at blending tradition with futurism, fostering collaborations between legacy insurers and new-age entrepreneurs to benefit the entire ecosystem, including its consumers.

We are insurance entrepreneurs.

We understand the pressures from investors, debt, payroll, bootstrapping, growth, and failure. We know how it feels to be cheered against, mocked, copied, and overlooked. We also understand the difficulties of explaining opportunities others do not and will never see, not to mention the emotional highs and lows of startup life. In our experience, it is one of the most arduous life paths imaginable, but it is always worth it.

We are insurance partners.

We are not just a group of disconnected investors. Our team has dedicated their careers to the industry, building successful ventures and forging partnerships that have shaped the landscape. Insurance is our passion and life’s work: We bring this experience and are ready to help investors and founders navigate the space quickly, precisely, and successfully.

Our founder

Parker Beauchamp

As the CEO of INGUARD, Parker spent over twenty years distributing insurance digitally. He understands, connects with, and appreciates the legacy insurance environment with a vision for its future. Markd is building on this expertise and network and plans to identify investments with the potential to transform and continually meet and protect the needs of today’s consumers.